made you think

The idea is to create a magazine where every page is made by one creative.

The reason we are doing this, is because a lot of creatives work for clients, but we hardly get to see their personal artwork. Or artists don’t have a medium in which to showcase their creativity.

This is your chance!

To make this possible every creative chips in 115 euros, gives us a piece of art specially made for this magazine and eventually receives 48 copies of the magazine to give away. This way, distribution is done by the participants.

In May there will be an exhibition of the 20 best artworks in TrouwAmsterdam, which will last for two weeks. We will kick it all off with a drink! Here you can collect your
48 magazines and see if you’re one of the lucky 20 to be exhibited!

Made You Think is initiated and produced by Rosa de Jong and Clien Wintzen.

SPONSORING is another way to make this happen. We need you very much!